·      includes full medical (by a doctor)

·      chest x ray (to exclude TB)

·      blood tests-HIV 1+2, and syphilis Hep B/C

       FBP, blood sugar and HbA1C

·      ECG if aged over 40

·      pure tone audiometry

·      MRSA swab

·      urinalysis

·      (pregnancy test)

·      spirometry (breathing test)

·      vision assessment


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Average turnaround time 48 (working) hours.

If you have several employees who are going to work abroad, say in the Middle East or China, the Visa medicals can be done at your place of work to avoid disruption to your business. Deployment / CONDO medicals are also available. 

Please bring photo ID to the appointment, as well as your GP’s details and your NHS number. We can e mail you a copy of the completed form as well as send a hard copy by post so the UAE visa medical requirements are promptly completed so you can work in UAE.